Friday, June 28, 2013

Cloverbud Camp #2: Fabric Exploration

Cloverbud Camp #2: Fabric Exploration

This camp was all about fabric.  We learned things like: different fabric weaves, how some fabrics are stretchy and some aren't, what types of fabrics are good for different types of clothing or projects, etc.  Youth got to practice weaving on looms, we stained fabric with various things (mustard, dandelions, ketchup, dirt, koolaid) then tried to wash out the stain, and we also did a Cloverbud friendly tye-dye project with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol (so easy! and clean!).  It was a really fun day!
The mustard was really hard to get out - he scrubbed and scrubbed!

We used handkerchiefs - the kids colors with marker then you spray rubbing alcohol in the center of the picture and the colors spread out almost like water colors.  To finish we put ours in the sun to dry but you can also put them in the dryer to help the pictures not wash out.  Such a fun, easy project!

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