Friday, June 21, 2013

4-H Campers Camp

Camper's Camp was a blast!  This was the first of 4 camps led by the staff of the Sevier County 4-H program.  We took a little bit different approach this summer and focused our time on concentrated camps that created learning experiences rather than hit or miss one day activities scattered here and there all summer.  The youth that participated were not disappointed - we had a great time and learn some important skills for the future.  Many thanks to our great volunteers that helped us this summer!

Day 1: Was all about making our own Camping Bucket seats...

And learning about fire safety...

Day 2: Cooking day!  Brownies in an orange, hamburgers on a buddy burner, and cheese on a stick!

Day 3: Hiking time! The kids painted their own walking sticks and made snacks to take along.  Along the trail they stopped for some lessons on safety and what to look for and pay attention to when you're out hiking.  Again, many thanks to Nan Singleton for planning the camp and Phil Singleton and Liz Steele for their help in making it a great week!

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