Friday, July 12, 2013

Science Adventure

This summer our Science Adventures Camp was packed with great experiments and great kids.  Lara did a fantastic job planning and teaching the camp and we had 15 youth eager to learn and do each experiment.

A few of the experiments included: egg in a bottle, quicksand goo, color changing milk, homemade ice cream, invisible ink, and several others.  We adapted a few of the Aggie Adventure camp guides to fit our schedule and the kids we had signed up.  If you'd like to see more of the Aggie Adventure camp guides you can download them here.

On the last day the youth made their own videos to share things they learned at camp.  (Note: if you are get motion sick easy, these may be a little hard to watch - you've been warned!) They did a great job planning out the story they wanted to tell then filming in action.  Thanks to Lara for her editing and thanks to all the kids for coming to camp and having such a great time!

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