Saturday, June 15, 2013

i4-H - Shipwrecked

We had six Sevier County youth attend this year's i4-H camp held in Price, Utah.  Typically the Sevier County 4-H program will offer up to ten $50 scholarship for youth to attend statewide camps. Scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis.

This year's i4-H camp was a little different.  With a portion of the camp being sponsored by Maker Media, the youth were able to build and experiment with several different types of projects that were unfamiliar. One of the projects they did was using a product called Lumi Inkodye where you combine photos, dye, and sunlight to make designs on fabric. Visit their website here and scroll down to see a video of how it works.

Maker Media is a organization that is focused on connecting people who love to build (or MAKE) things.  Maker Media also publishes a magazine called MAKE: where enthusiast in the Maker Movement can get challenges and ideas on how to build a variety of things.  What greater partner for 4-H - a historically strong HANDS ON LEARNING organization?  4-Hers learn great skills by getting in there with their hands and they definitely can MAKE things happen.  For more information on Maker Media click here.  And if you'd like to see some of the projects come here to Sevier County leave a comment and let us know! 

Note: The 2014 i4-H camp will be held at USU Eastern in Price, UT June 16-18th. Registrations will be due no later than May 15th, 2014.  Be looking for info to come out in March or April next year!

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