Friday, March 13, 2015

Summer is coming!

Summer is right around the corner!  Can you feel it?

Summer is our busiest time of year in Sevier County 4-H and this year will not disappoint! We have clubs in the works in YOUR community and classes that anyone from anywhere can come to!  Here's a little teaser on some of the topics in the works:

Overnight camps 5th-6th graders, 7-8th graders, and 9-12th graders (each is a separate event, of course)
Crafts (LOTS of crafts!)
Science (think camp, workshops, lego robotics teams, sewing with electricity - and MORE)
Chess Club
Gardening club
Art classes
Fun with reading
Horse shows and clinics
Livestock clubs and workshops

Our summer programming is only open to those who have formally enrolled in the 4-H program and paid their $5 enrollment fee.  For the all the enrollment info you need to know click HERE.

Signups will begin in May - stay tuned!

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