Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sevier County Represented at Utah 4-H State Horse Show

Twenty youth from Sevier County traveled to Hurricane, Utah to participate in the State 4-H Individual Horseshow September 25-26.  

Participants included: 
Juniors- Addyson Brown,  Brecklynn Buchanan, Lainee Crane, Teegan Jensen, Laynee Nielsen and Brianna Torgersen.   

Intermediates- Ruger Greenhaulgh,  Hope Kearl,  Whitney Maag,  Miya Maxfield,  Michayla Outzen and Wyatt Payne.   

Seniors- Jesse Borg, Shaelei Boswell, Toni Brown, JaKel Quarnberg, Amy Shomaker, Morgan Stevens, Brianna Viklund and Madison Wallace.

Brecklynn Buchanan, Laynee Nielsen, JaKel Quarnberg and Madison Wallace also competed in the State 4-H 2-handed Horseshow September 24, competing on horses ages 2 through 5 that they have been training.

At the Individual horseshow, each age group had over 100 contestants participating. 

Some of the highlights included:
Juniors- Brecklynn Buchanan-  5th Western Equitation, 2nd barrels and gymkana gig, 6th poles, 15th overall judged events, 1st overall speed and 3rd all-around
Laynee Nielsen - 8th western horsemanship,  3rd gymkana gig,  6th barrels, 7th poles, 5th overall speed and 6th all-around. 
Breanna Torgersen - 19th overall speed

Intermediates- Ruger Greenhaulgh- 11th overall speed
Whitney Maag - 10th gymkana gig,  18th test
Miya Maxfield - 10th poles
Wyatt Payne - 14th test

Seniors - Amy Shomaker - 6th Western Equitation,  3rd gymkana gig,  5th poles, 8th barrels, 3rd overall speed and 15 all-around
JaKel Quarnberg- 5th barrels and 15th overall speed
Morgan Stevens - 10th poles
Madison Wallace - 15th overall judged events

All these youth did a great job representing Sevier County and should be proud of themselves.

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