Wednesday, April 15, 2015

3 Tips for Giving a 4-H Presentation

Giving a Presentation for 4-H soon?

Here are a few quick tips!

Tip #1: The Intro
Before talking about your chosen topic, introduce yourself. State your name, your year in 4-H, and what you will be talking about. Don't forget to smile! :)

Tip #2: The Topic
If you're not interested in your topic, why should your audience be? When giving a 4-H presentation, you will be much more excited and confident if you speak about something you enjoy.

Tip #3: The Visual
When presenting in front of an audience, visuals are great because they help people follow along with what you're saying. Consider making a poster, bringing props, showing a PowerPoint, or creating some other related visual aide to really enhance your presentation.

Need more tips?
Check out this guide,watch the videos below, and visit the Sevier County 4-H blog in the future. Good luck on your presentation!

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