Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sevier County 4-H hires 8 new staff members!

We are excited to announce that the Sevier County 4-H staff has some new faces.  Pictures of those new faces will be coming soon; drop by our community events coming up to meet these wonderful folks in person.  Here's some info to get you started:

Phyllis Peterson is the Community Liaison and Volunteer Manager in the North Sevier Area.  She is a life-long Sevier County native who brings a lot of wonderful ideas, energy, and networking contacts to our program.  She is determined to help the people of the North Sevier area see all the great things that 4-H has to offer their young people.

Jerry McMorris is the Community Liaison and Volunteer Manager in the Central Sevier area.  Jerry is relatively new to the area but has experience volunteering in the Iron County 4-H Youth Mentoring Program. He has unique club ideas and is working hard to meet key people in the area so that he can provide opportunities for youth in Richfield and surrounding areas.

April Cobb is the Community Liaison and Volunteer Manager in the South Sevier area.  Moving to the area a couple years ago, April reached out to 4-H to help her daughter find friends and connections here.  April will be the first to tell you that she has seen the difference 4-H is making for not only her own daughter but others as well.  April is starting a large community club in the Monroe area and is excited to get more adults and youth involved.

Jennifer Baletka is our 4-H College Readiness Director and comes to us from Emery/Carbon counties.  She has a passion for higher education and will be implementing programs that help our young people become comfortable and prepared to pursue higher education.  As a current master's student and former assistant to the Chancellor at USU Eastern, she is a great example for our young people to connect with.

Linda Lowe is our 4-H Literacy Director.  She is a former school teacher with lots of great ideas for how to make learning to read and getting comfortable with reading a hands-on experience.  Our literacy project will be focused on the K-2 grades (aka Cloverbuds) and Linda is working on what form that will take; could be reading-buddy program, library events, summer programs and so much more.  More details to come as we move forward.

Aris Biederman is our 4-H STEM Director.  We have been lucky to have Aris since last summer when she started as our student intern.  She has great ideas and passion for all things science-technology-engineering-math.  From leading the computer coding club, to starting the lego robotics league this Spring, to co-hosting a K-6 Science Camp with the school district this summer, Aris has definitely brought science to the plate here in Sevier County 4-H and its starting to take off!

Valerie Christensen will be working as a Teen Council Assistant Adviser directly responsible for implementing relationship education activities. Learning how to communicate with others, handling conflict, navigating boy/girl and peer-to-peer relationships is a big part of growing up.  Sevier County was chosen as part of a state wide project to train our teens on these skills that will impact them for the rest of their lives.  Valerie's kids have been involved in 4-H for several years and she is an active 4-H volunteer; we are lucky to have her on staff now as well.

Heather Bosh might not be a "new" face to Sevier County 4-H but we want to welcome her back for sure!  Heather will be taking the lead on Horse and Livestock projects in the program and working with Kim Chapman to help the youth involved in those project areas be successful.  Heather is from Aurora, previously worked as our Horse program assistant, has children involved in the program and her husband Jordan is the leader of one our Shooting Sports clubs.

WHEW!  Great things are happening in Sevier County 4-H and we are lucky to have such great people on our team. 

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