Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4-H or open class?

If you made it in 4-H, we want to see it on "OUR" 
side of the building!

What qualifies as a 4-H exhibit?  How is it different than Open Class?
When youth are enrolled in the 4-H program they complete projects and learn important life skills like teamwork, leadership, and responsibility.  In Sevier County, 4-H members can participate with their families, in community groups (like Fab Friday and community clubs), and in summer clubs.

A 4-H exhibit is a project completed at one of the activities listed above by a youth who is enrolled in 4-H.  This is an elite group!  It is different than open class because the projects we do in 4-H are UNLIKE anything you've ever seen before!  

Sometimes the items are completed outside a club event/activity or you might learn a skill at the 4-H event and then make a project later. If you want to exhibit items that weren't completed AT a 4-H event or you re-made the item to perfect the skill (or you ate the item because it was yummy food), you can still exhibit in that category, you'll just need to tell the adult in charge of that activity so they can enter the item for you. 

In 4-H, it is so much more than just finishing a project (like you might do at school, scouts, church, etc.) - the life skills component is unique to 4-H! 

How do I choose what to bring?
Youth are allowed to enter 1 item per lot/category in 4-H. Sometimes, if your child participates in several different 4-H groups, they might make more than one thing that fits in the same category.  In 4-H we choose the best of our best to put in the fair - so, if you happen to make more than one of something in 4-H, it isn't appropriate for your "extra" item to be entered in Open Class. Pick your best to represent you and Sevier County 4-H.

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