Monday, June 9, 2014

County Contests this week!

It's contest time!  Thursday, June 12th, 
Youth Center, Richfield - come one, come all!

There are still a few spots left in the morning for youth who would like to participate in the following contests: Favorite Foods, Demonstrations, Talent, and Impromptu Speech. The time slots for the Snow Cone Contest are all full at this point.

By participating in County Contests, 4-H youth have an opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned in their 4-H club work.  Skills like public speaking and self confidence are just a tiny bit of what the youth of all ages gain by participating. 

The contests are open to youth grades 3-12 and this year our teen council have volunteered to be the judges.  Participants will receive a ribbon and a score sheet/feedback for each contest they participate in. County Contests also qualify high school youth for State Contests that will be held at USU in Logan July 14-16.  

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