Thursday, April 17, 2014

State 4-H Officer Opportunity - dealine May 15th!

This is a NEW youth leadership opportunity for Utah 4-H.  Applications are due May 15th and can be submitted through 4honline.  The youth who are elected to these positions get to attend a conference in Washington, D.C. next April (so cool!) and take an active roll in making great things happen for youth in Utah 4-H. 

If you are seriously interested in this opportunity, Rebecca can send you some more information on how the application and selection process will work.  Have to act fast - the deadline is quickly approaching!  Here's a preview of what its all about:

What is a 4-H State Officer?
A 4-H State Officer is an individual who has been elected by the 4-H youth body to represent Utah at the 4-H National Conference and provide learning opportunities related to the 4-H Mission Mandates. The Officers are comprised of four youth - a president and three vice presidents representing each of the 4-H Mission Mandates. 4-H State Officers implement programs related to the 4-H Mission Mandates learned at National 4-H Conference. State Officers are responsible for shaping the future of 4-H and are active on the State 4-H Volunteers Leaders Council.

4-H State Officer Qualifications
• A two-year 4-H member with experience as a Junior and/or Teen Leader
• Must apply while in 9th -11th grades
• Active in local 4-H club
• Enthusiastic about 4-H
• Have time available to fulfill role of State 4-H Officer
• Responsible
• Willing to attend State 4-H Officer orientation and training
• Willing to travel
• Have and maintain minimum high school GPA of 3.0 (B average) or above
• Have parents and/or guardian support
• Have County Extension staff support

Capable and willing to get out of school on a limited basis for special programs

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